Product Description

The 3-pcs screw closure system suits a 50mm neck of a plastic container and is featured with a slit flex band providing superior tamper evidence and it brakes reliable with first opening The integrated pull-up spout, which is the sealing element of the closure and enhanced with a marguerite flow control, is furnished with a screw cap. Breaking its the bridges and getting a handle, the pull-up spout can be pulled out, allowing a target oriented pouring over a certain distance after opening the tear-off seal of the spout (2nd tamper evidence function).

SVB 50/22 PA FB MV

Closure / Neck Diameter :
Closure Type:
Screw On
Container Material:
Container Type:
Plastic Container
Market Category:
Market Segment:
  •  Blowmoulded Plastic
  •  Chemical
  •  Automotive
Tamper Evident :
  •  Slit TE Band
  •  Tear-off Membrane
Wadding / Sealing System:
Bore Seal
Cap Material:

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